myClienteling, customers at your fingertips

Nowadays, in a context of experience economy, the role of the sales assistant becomes even more important to ensure that “the premise of the brand has the right implementation”. Providing an exclusive experience means first have a complete view of the customer, specially in the world of luxury where a high quality product must be combined with excellent service.
The value of the store: by definition the space of brand representation, the store becomes the place where to establish and maintain a vibrant relationship with the consumer. Hence the importance of implementing clienteling strategies: equip the sales staff of a mobile technology leads to greater customer satisfaction. With tablet or smartphone available the sales associate can offer the omnichannel experience the customer is looking for, increasing the likelihood of upsell and cross-sell. A deeper knowledge of your customer base allows you to relate to each client in a personalized way, thus increasing customer engagement.

  • Planning and control of the store activities
  • Omnichannel customer view and integration of information from multiple sources (online and offline)
  • Ease of viewing and insert of the privacy card
  • Ability to obtain analysis and reporting of customer purchases
  • User friendly management of A&B sales without backend operations
  • Customizable and easily adaptable to corporate identity

myClienteling, functions


The calendar helps you to get an instant overview of the activities in program and those in the future. The alert function signals important events, reminding the team to contact the customer


The portfolio module allows customers research. You can also filter the search according to the sales assistant to which the client is assigned


New Contact

The feature new contact allows you to enter data for new customers in a quick and orderly way


The campaigns module provides an immediate view of the past and ongoing marketing activities



The services tool allows you to deal with the customer requests (repair or replacement of damaged items) with a easy and user friendly interface.



Through the composer, you can customize content – multimedia and text – to manage a one-to-one and cross-channel communication via email, SMS, WhatsApp & WeChat



This function allows you to perform a worldwide customer search, with the ability to filter the search by genre, name, address, email address or telephone number


Integration with enterprise document management systems (EDM and DAM) offers the ability to view and use multimedia contents with the purpose of enhance the visibility of the products and for internal training of the staff

myClienteling, technical features

Full integration with backend platforms: myPlatform connector ensures smooth integration of myClienteling with CRM, ERP, DAM, POS systems.

Freedom of choice of the usage paradigm: myClienteling can be used both in cloud that on premise. Available on iOS and browser, (Chrome, Safari), on Android and Windows 8.

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