myAssistant, mobile customer engagement

Even the fashion-luxury brands should rethink how to connect with their customers, which are now omnichannel. The consumer journey stretches and it becomes therefore important for the company knowing how to properly handle the time intervals that exist between a purchase and the next, giving customers a value wherever they are.
Digital tools are a key element to identify and exploit the touchpoints before, during and after the purchase. A mobile app, through email, text messages and push notifications, offers a great opportunity to interact with customers, increasing their loyalty to the purchase, their engagement and, consequently, profits for company, evolving from the point of view of purchasing experience, without losing their typicalness.
By removing the barriers between online and offline, the client will receive exceptional service and real-time. The myAssistant application, customizable and configurable according to need, meets a variety of requirements conform to the different types of customers, making the customer corridor fluid and functional.

myAssistant, benefits

Engineering - myAssistant
  • Possibility of one-to-one marketing
  • On-line booking
  • Effective customer engagement and possibility to guide him in purchase journey
  • Personalized and immediate interaction between brand and customer
  • Managing user friendly of the after and before sales, without backend operations
  • Push notifications for communications regarding appointments in-store
  • Increase brand awareness thanks to the presence of the App on the App Store

myAssistant, functions



The store can inform the customer of the latest news on products for him interesting and not only. The customer will receive updates on events, promotions and more.



The opportunity for contact between brand and customer extend beyond the store, due to the possibility that customers send messages to their Sales assistant and receive real-time response.


In-Store Appointments

The customer can take in-store appointment through the feature “online booking”. After displaying the request on the calendar of myClienteling, the sales assistant will confirm the appointment or postpone it, with consequent sending an automatic response to the customer.


The catalog allows you to view the collections and the relevant details and to access to the e-commerce to purchase immediately, without losing time in search of the desired product.

Loyalty Card

Summary and consultation of loyalty points earned from the purchases and activities on social (Facebook, Pinterest, Newsletter).

Proximity Marketing

Switching on Bluetooth, the app communicates with beacons. The brand can thus detect useful information based on the customer’s position in that very instant and send push notifications rich of information content.

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