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Pampering your clients has never been so easy

Shopping experience, Internet and omnichannel customer engagement are transforming the business strategies of the main fashion and luxury brands. Customers are sophisticated, they want to be pampered with a flawless and customized service level, in strict observance of their privacy: this is the reason why industry players are dealing with clienteling to build long-term relationship with Luxury Retail customers. myClienteling by Engineering Group is a suite of multi-channel clienteling services: an innovative, end-to-end and customizable tool, fully integrated with top CRM and POS solutions. These services dedicated to sales assistants and store managers help the interaction with clients, analyzing buying behaviours and providing tools to communicate with them through multiple channels. Moreover, Engineering group offers a set of marketing automation and store innovation solutions for Fashion and Luxury companies.

Engineering is the leading company in the Italian ICT market, focused on Fashion & Luxury as one of the most interesting markets. It has specific solutions, a major investment program and strategic partnerships with strong companies offering solutions and expertise recognized by this market. Engineering competence centers touch many of the technological and innovation trends for the coming years: CRM, digital marketing, social listening.

myClienteling suite

Empower your sales team to deliver memorable customer experiences

myClienteling is a large set of tools for sales assistants and store managers to plan, execute and control store activities improving the quality of the relationship with the clientele. Features are a 360° view of customers including their buying behaviours, products promotion through relevant content and simple access to omnichannel communication services.

Invite your customers to download your App to boost their engagement

Fully integrated with myClienteling, myAssistant allows you to communicate with your customers by continuing the sale beyond the physical store. The new App perfectly reflects your brand image, enabling the client to communicate with the sales assistant and to have preview updates on events, fashion shows and new products comfortably on tablet or smartphone.

Improve Sales Performances

Increase Total Sales, Average Transaction Value, Items per Transaction and Margins

Increase Visit Frequency

Clienteled customers are 33% more likely to return as repeat customers (according to a Retail Touchpoints Research)

Personalized Services

Empower store staff for personalized services. 66% of customers declares that improved and personalized customer service encourages them to spend more (according to a Retail Touchpoints Research)

More Spending

Clienteled customers spend annually 3.5 to 4 times more than non-clienteled customers (according to a Retail Touchpoints Research)

Build Loyalty

Build and enhance loyalty improving retention of most valuable customers

Rapid ROI

2 months is the average elapsed time to complete a myClienteling project

See it in action!

Watch our friend Laura being pampered like never before by her favourite boutique.

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